Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hi, My name is Karen Badea.   I am a Certified Aromatherapist and a Lyme awareness advocate.   This is my first blog for my new book series, 'The Farmacy Cabinet Series'..... My first book has been published on Amazon Kindle and is, 'Thyme Essential Oil...The Farmacy Cabinet Series'.    I am so excited to share the abundance of medicinal information about this oil, as well as, this herb.  I am currently working on my second book in this series, 'Oregano Essential Oil...The Farmacy Cabinet Series'.   I plan on writing about the basic medicinal oils first and then I will branch out into the more exotic essential oils and their benefits.  Once I have covered the foundational 'farmacy cabinet oils', we will have a fun learning experience, as we delve into the rare essential oils.   I hope you enjoy learning about these invaluable oils as much as I do.  I have a unique passion for essential oils and natural healing.  Why?   Because I give God and essential oils full credit for literally prolonging my life as I fight the battle against Lyme disease and its many coinfections.   I will cover my Lyme journey in more detail on my Lyme blog,   I will make this short today, since I'm just starting and still trying to work the technical details out on this new blog.  (I'm not a 'blogging contessa' in the least bit)....:)

The Farmacy Cabinet Series.......My book series on essential oils

Karen Badea, Author